eFlow nebulizer (1244)

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What is an eFlow nebulizer?  

eFlow® is an electronic nebulizer.  It turns medicine into mist so that it can be breathed in.  Most often it is used by Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients.  An air compressor is not needed when using the eFlow.  Use only the medicine your doctor prescribes for use in your eFlow. Using other medicines in the eFlow may cause harm. 

How do I set up the eFlow?

1. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before starting. Clean and disinfect the handset before using it for the first time. 
2. Four  AA batteries can be used to power the eFlow.  You can also plug it into an outlet.  The power cable plugs into the round port under the battery chamber.
3. Snap the connection cable into the rear of the nebulizer handset where the metal prongs stick out.  Connect the other end of the cable to the control unit.
4. Some eFlow handsets will snap into the control unit without a connection cable.
5. Unscrew the medication cap on the handset. Set the handset on a flat surface.  Pour the liquid medicine into the reservoir. Screw the cap back on.  The inner dome pops up when it is in place.  Each aerosol head should last for about 3 to 6 months.  

How do I take the treatment?

1. Sit up for your treatment.  Press and hold the on/off button until you hear one beep. The status light will be green. Mist will start to come out of the mouthpiece.
2. Close your lips around the mouthpiece.  Breathe slow and a little deeper through your mouth. 
3. Hold the eFlow level during your treatment.  It will beep twice and shut off after 30 seconds if it is not level.  To start it again once the eFlow is level, push the start button.
4. If you want to pause during your treatment, press and hold the on/off button for one second.  To start again, press and hold the on/off button for one second.
5. When all the medicine is used and inhaled, the eFlow will beep twice and then shut off.  One mL of liquid should nebulize in less than 5 minutes.
6. Open the medication cap to make sure that only a few drops are left. If more than a few drops are left, close the cap, and shake the handset.  Restart it to finish the medicine. 
7. Clean your handset as soon as the treatment is done.  
The handset must be disinfected and dried before the next use.       

Eflow parts

How do I clean and disinfect the eFlow?

Take the eFlow apart
1. Take the connection cable off of the nebulizer handset.
2. The handset has 6 parts.  Remove the mouthpiece. Note that when you put it back together, the flap valve faces up.
3. Twist the dome of the medication cap to the left (counter-clockwise) to remove.  
4. Push down on the inner dome to remove it from the outer dome.  When you push it back together you’ll line up the 4 tabs with the 4 grooves on the inner dome and then click the inner dome into place.
5. The medication reservoir is attached to the aerosol chamber by a hinge. Pull up on the tab to open the handset.
6. Remove the flexible blue inspiratory valve.  Notice that when you put it back together, you’ll put the blue valve, with the letters facing out toward you, on to the aerosol head.
7. Remove the aerosol head.  Do not touch the metal dome in the middle of the aerosol head. Touch only the outer plastic.  Press the 2 outer tabs on the aerosol head.  Pull straight out.

Clean the eFlow right after each treatment
1. Do not put the control unit or cords in water.  The control unit may be wiped with a damp cloth. 
2. Take the handset apart into 6 pieces.   Rinse all parts under warm tap water. 
3. Rinse the aerosol head under warm running tap water for at least 10 seconds on each side.  This is important to keep it from clogging and keep your treatment time short.  Don’t touch or scrub the metal disc on the aerosol head.  Only touch the plastic outer part. 
4. Wash all parts in soapy water.  
Use only clear dishwashing liquid soap.  You should be able to see through it.  
Do not use antibacterial dishwashing soap. 
Do not use dishwashing soap with lotion.  
5. After washing, rinse with tap water. Disinfect the eFlow before you use it again.

Disinfect the eFlow before using it again
1. Clean your eFlow first, then disinfect.
2. Disinfect with one of these two methods.
Electric steam baby bottle sterilizer.  Follow the maker’s instructions.  Do not use a microwave sterilizer.  All 6 pieces of the nebulizer handset can be disinfected in the electric steam sterilizer. After the disinfect cycle has completed, allow the unit to cool before opening to remove the nebulizer parts.  You can watch a video on YouTube by the CF Foundation called, “Cleaning and Disinfecting your Altera or eFlow Nebulizer”. 
Boil all 6 pieces of the nebulizer handset in distilled water for 5 minutes.
3. Clean hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching nebulizer parts.
4. After disinfecting put the parts on a clean towel.  After the towel soaks up the water, move the parts to a clean, dry towel and let them air dry.  Store the dry parts in a clean container.  Do not put the nebulizer parts back together until you are ready to use them.
5. Allow enough time for the parts to dry before using it again.
6. Do not put the unit or parts in the microwave.
7. Do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the eFlow unit or its parts.


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.