Sharps disposal (2198)

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What is sharps disposal?

It is the safe way to throw away sharp objects like syringes, lancets, or needles.

Why is it needed?

To protect people from sharp objects.  It also keeps the earth clean and safe.  

What are the steps?red sharps container

1. Use your medicine or device as instructed. 

2. Throw them into the sharps container right away.  Do not put the cap back on needles or pre-filled syringes.

3. Fill the container up to the fill line on the outside of the container.  Do not fill above the line.

4. Close the lid when the container is filled or you are ready to return it.  Once the lid is closed, it cannot be re-opened.

5. Find a place to return or exchange the container: 
Go to The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website. 

Use this QR code to get to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website. 

QR code Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website

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