Medicine syringe transfer (2200)

Key points below

What is medicine syringe transfer?

Move injectable medicine from a prefilled syringe into another syringe to use right away.

Why is it needed?

To get a lower dose than what is in the prefilled syringe.  

What are the steps?

1. Clean an area to use to get the medicine ready.
2. Get your supplies.
Empty syringe
Prefilled syringe
Sharps container
3. Wash hands with soap and water.  Scrub for 20 seconds. 
4. Unwrap the empty syringe. Pull back the plunger of the empty syringe more than the amount needed to inject. 
5. Take the cap off of the needle on the prefilled syringe. Put the needle into the opening of the empty syringe.  Push the medicine into the empty syringe. 
6. Do not put the cap back on the prefilled syringe. Put it all in the sharps container.  It is not safe to keep the open medicine to use later because it is exposed to germs.  
7. Twist a new needle onto the filled syringe.  Take off the cap.
8. Point the needle tip of the new syringe up and over a paper towel.  If there is a bubble in the medicine, flick the side of the syringe with your finger.  Push the plunger to the amount of medicine you need.  This will get out extra medicine and air. 
9. Inject the medicine using the method you were taught.
10. Throw out the syringe and needle in the sharps container.

Other teaching sheets that may be helpful
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Call your child’s pharmacist if you or your child have any concerns related to using this teaching sheet.