Enhanced recovery after surgery ERAS (1008)

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What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)?

ERAS is a program to help your child get better as fast as possible after abdominal (tummy) surgery. There are steps to follow before and after surgery. This includes walking and drinking liquids. These steps help the intestines heal faster. The program is based on research. It has been used on adults and children.

What does my child need to do before surgery?

What do I need to do before my child’s surgery?

What will the doctor do during surgery to help my child’s recovery?

What will my child need to do after surgery?

How will my child’s pain be treated?

We know that having surgery is never pain-free.

When will my child be able to go home?

Your child will be able to go home when:

It is important that you are ready to take care of your child. Your child will not be fully back to normal when it is time to leave the hospital. They may still have some pain and may not be eating like normal yet. It is still better and safer to finish your child’s full recovery at home.

What happens when we go home?

Ask about these other teaching sheets that may be helpful


Call your child’s doctor, nurse or clinic if you or your child have any concerns or your child:

  • Has signs of wound infection: redness, swelling, bad-smelling drainage.
  • Has a temperature over 101.2° F (38° C).
  • Is not interested in eating or drinking or is eating or drinking very little.
  • Feels sick to their stomach or is throwing up.
  • Has pain that does not get better with medicine.
  • Has special health care needs not covered by this information.