Daily chlorhexidine gluconate wash (1150)

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Why is my child being washed with Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG)?

Skin with less germs should help limit the chance of more severe infections while in the hospital. Washing with a special germ-killing liquid called CHG helps reduce the number of germs on your child’s skin.

Children in the hospital are more at risk if they:

How will your child’s skin be washed?

Lines and tubes should not be cleaned with the CHG cloths. They are cleaned differently.

How many CHG cloths do need to use for a CHG wash or treatment?

CHG Cloth Less than10 kilograms (kg) or 22 pounds (lbs): Use 2 clothes = 1 packet

CHG Cloth #1: Neck, chest, both arms and hands and back

CHG Cloth #2: Both legs, butt, and groin

10 to 30 kilograms (kg) or 23 to 66 pounds (lbs): Use 4 cloths = 2 packets

CHG Cloth #1: Neck, chest, both arms and hands

CHG Cloth #2: Back and butt

CHG Cloth #3: Both legs

CHG Cloth #4: Groin

More than 30 kilograms (kg) or 66 pounds (lbs): Use 6 cloths = 3 packets

CHG Cloth #1: Neck, chest, both arms and hands

CHG Cloth #2: Right leg

CHG Cloth #3: Left leg

CHG Cloth #4: Back

CHG Cloth #5: Butt

CHG Cloth #6: Groin

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Please let us know if your child has:

  • Had any skin problems in the past such as eczema.
  • Allergies to anything with CHG in it.
  • Special health care needs that were not covered by this information.