What you need for teaching session (1128)

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This sheet will help you know what equipment to have ready for your teaching sessions.  These sessions help you get ready to care for your child.  Both caregivers must attend each session together.   

The company that supplies your child’s equipment is called your DME. "DME" is short for Durable Medical Equipment.

 Session #1- With DME Respiratory Therapist (RT) in your home.

The DME RT will bring equipment to your home and teach you how to use it.

 Session #2- With DME Respiratory Therapist (RT) teaching.

May be at Children’s or in your home.
Equipment needed:

 Session #3-  Teaching with Trach/Vent RT at Children’s

Bring this equipment to the hospital:

 Session #4- Simulation, Teach Back and Walk with Trach/Vent RT at Children’s 

Equipment needed at the hospital:

*Bedside cares and CPR must be completed and checked off with RN before the next session.

 Independent Care: 

Equipment needed at the hospital for independent care and discharge:

Equipment reference photos

Portable suction machine:

grey Portable suction machinedark grey Portable suction machine

Resuscitator Bag:

Manual resuscitator bagresuscitator bag on table

Pulse ox machine:

white Pulse ox machinewhite pulse ox machine


white dream station

Air compressor:

Portable Oxygen:

various air canisterscanisters, one in a bag


two emergency bags


Call your child’s health care provider if you or your child have any concerns related to this teaching sheet or if your child has and special care needs not covered by this information.