Nebulizer treatments for patients using a ventilator (1276)

Key points below

For patients with a Tracheostomy Tube


Supplies needed

Giving the treatment

1. Wash your hands.
2. Make sure the plastic piece inside the nebulizer cup is clicked in place.  Connect the top of the nebulizer cup with a firm twist. 
3. Medicine can be added from the top.
4. Saline may be needed, and added to your nebulizer cup with the medication to fill to a volume of 3-5mLs.
5. Connect the nebulizer cup to the machine by using the clear oxygen tubing.
6. Insert the nebulizer cup into the T-piece.
7. Insert the T-piece into the tubing.  
8. You may also place tape over one end of the T-piece and connect to the 6in of corrugated tubing and trach mask (if you are not using a ventilator).
9. Turn the machine on.  

Note:  If your child uses oxygen, you may need to increase the liter flow while you are running your nebulizer treatment.

10. When the medicine begins to sputter, tap the side of the nebulizer cup.  When the    medicine is gone, turn off your nebulizer machine.
11. Remove the T-piece and nebulizer cup from the ventilator circuit and reattach the ventilator circuit as used before.
12.   If oxygen liter flow was increased during the treatment, return it to its original liter flow.

trach vent

Cleaning the equipment

After each treatment 

1. Rinse the nebulizer cup and T-piece with warm water.
2. Air dry on a clean cloth.

Every night

1.   Wash the nebulizer cup and T-piece with warm soapy water.
2.   Rinse well.
3.  Air dry on a clean cloth.


Replace the nebulizer kit.

Special directions

Follow the instructions from your child’s home care provider if using more than one nebulizer kit per week.


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.