Humidification system (1452)

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What is a humidification system?

The humidification system has many parts. Together, the parts deliver warm, moist air and oxygen to your child's trach tube. This air helps keep the secretions thin. Secretions in the lungs can block the trach tube if they are too thick.

There are four parts to the system.

1. Compressor


The air flow delivers the warm moist air through the water chamber, and to your child.



  1. Is the electrical outlet working?
  2. Is the compressor plugged into the outlet?
  3. Is the filter clear and clean?
  4. Is the compressor on?
  5. Is the pressure set?
  6. If the compressor still does not work, call your home healthcare provider.

2. Heater and temperature regulator

PurposeMachine A

To control the temperature of the air your child is breathing.


 Temp. range  for set up
 37-39 0 C  with a wire
 30-34 0 C  without a wire

Note: The compressor and the heater work together. One cannot be on without the other.


  1. Is the electrical outlet working?
  2. Is the heater plugged into the outlet?
  3. Is the heater on?
  4. Is the temperature probe connected?
  5. Is the temperature probe broken?
  6. Is the heater wire adapter connected?
  7. If all else fails, change the circuit.
  8. If the heater still does not work, call your home healthcare provider.

3. Patient circuit for trach collar set up


The air from the compressor and the water from the heater flow through the tubing to your child. The circuit is long enough to let your child move freely.


Changing the circuit

  1. Change the circuit as instructed by your home care provider.
  2. Throw away and replace the corrugated tubing.
  3. Throw away and replace the humidifier canister.
  4. Replace or disinfect the plastic adapter that connects the corrugated tubing.
  5. Wipe off the temperature probe with rubbing alcohol.
  6. Continue to use any oxygen tubing unless they are cloudy, dirty, or wet inside.

Special directionsdummy hooked up to humidification system

4. Oxygen (O2)

PurposeCompressed Oxygen Tank

The oxygen system allows your child to get the prescribed amount of oxygen, by using a set number called a liter flow.


Your oxygen system will consist of both a stationary system, and a portable one. Your home care provider will instruct you on how to use these.

• Use the oxygen system at all times, as ordered by your child’s physician.
• When your child is using the HME (Heat & Moisture Exchanger, or artificial nose) continue to use oxygen.
• Check the amount of oxygen in the portable tank before usingdiagram canister

Special directions

Portable oxygen system for non-ventilated tracheostomy patients

When your child is using the artificial nose, you will use the Venturi System™ for oxygen. Use the percentage closest to or above the percentage ordered, never below.

  1. Connect the Venturi System™ to your child's trach mask and oxygen system.Venturi System close up
  2. Set the oxygen liter flow as instructed by your home healthcare provider.

How do I clean the equipment?

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