Pulse oximeter Home care (1559)

Key points below

What is a pulse oximeter?

It is a monitor that checks oxygen levels in the blood. It should be used throughout the day. Your child’s doctor may have you use it continuously if needed.

How do I hook it up?

  1. Connect the probe to the monitor cable.
  2. Turn the machine on.
  3. Put the probe on the hand, foot, finger, or toe. Be sure that the light sensors line up.

Note: If the oximeter is used for more than spot checks, the probe must be moved every 8 hours to
prevent burns.

Special directions

Do not change the amount of oxygen your child is getting unless told to do so by your child’s doctor.


Problem-solving continued

Note: If the old probe still isn’t working after trying all of the steps above, try a new probe.

How do I clean it?

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This sheet was created to help you care for your child or family member. It does not take the place of medical care. Talk with your healthcare provider for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.