Ventilator equipment care schedule and battery life (1600)

Key points below

Care schedule and battery life


 Clean with warm soapy water
   Daily  Weekly  Monthly As needed 
 Suction canister and lid  x      
 Nebulizer kit  x      
 Trach ties  x      x
 Manual resuscitator    x    
 Apnea monitor belt    x    x
 Suction tubing        x
 Clean with rubbing alcohol
   Daily  Weekly  Monthly  As needed
 Temp probe      x  

Deep Clean

 Deep Clean with Control III or vinegar and water
   Daily  Weekly  Monthly  As needed
 Manual resuscitator    x    
 Suction canister and lid    x    
 Nebulizer kit    x    

Changing equipment

 Changing equipment, per insurance allotment of supplies
   2x Daily  Daily  Weekly  Monthly  As needed
Suction canister and lid         x  
 Suction tubing      x    
 Suction filter        x  
 Nebulizer kit      x    
 Water bag          x
 Heated wire tubing        x  
 Disposable bag        x  
 Water canister      x    
Trach mask (alternate with clean mask)    x      
Trach ties    x      x
 Trach tube      x    x
 Oxygen Tubing        x  
 MDI Chamber        x  

Equipment battery life

 Equipment  Battery life
Suction Machine
 45 min.
(continuous run time)
 Apnea monitor  15 hours
 Pulse Oximeter  4-6 hours
 LTV – Internal/Portable  1 hour/3 hours
 Trilogy 100 – Internal/Portable  3 hours/3 hours
 Trilogy Evo – Internal/Portable  7 ½ hours/ 7 ½ hours
 Astral – Internal/Portable  8 hours/ hours


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.