Trilogy ventilator (1836)

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Set up and maintenance

What does the Trilogy do?

It gives extra breaths or pressure to help your child breathe easier.

What supplies do I need?

How do I set up the equipment?

1. Wash your hands.Trilogy 100/EVO machine

2. If your child uses oxygen, put the oxygen tubing on the back of the machine.

3. Add the bacteria filter.

4. Add the water chamber to the heater.

5. Put the circuit together.

6. Put the temperature probe into the circuit. One is close to the exhalation valve and one is close to the water chamber. Plug the blue end into the right side of the heater.

7. Put the heater-wire adapter into the prongs at the end of the circuit. Plug the yellow end into the right side of the heater.Trilogy 100/EVO machine

8. Plug the ventilator into a wall outlet.

How do I change the circuit?

1. Change the circuit, adapters, and heater chamber as you were instructed by your home care company.

  2. Be sure that you are setting up the new circuit the same way as the one you are switching out.

Note: Keep using oxygen tubing unless it is cloudy, dirty, or wet inside.

Why is it important to keep the ventilator clean?

  1. This will lower the risk of your child becoming sick
  2. This will keep the ventilator in its best condition.

Note: Follow your home care company’s recommendations for cleaning schedule and solutions.

What should I know about keeping the Trilogy charged?

1. Always keep the ventilator plugged into a wall outlet when not traveling.

2. When traveling in the car, use the car’s adapter for power, if needed.

Warning: Use the internal battery only in a true emergency, such as an extended power outage.

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