Humidification system My airvo2 (3053)

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What is a humidification system?

The humidification system includes a flow generator, heater, and oxygen adapter. Together, the parts deliver warm, moist air and oxygen to your child's trach tube. This air helps keep the secretions thin. Secretions in the lungs can block the trach tube if they are too thick.

1. MyAirvo2


This machine is where air flow comes from. The air travels through the heater, and delivers the warm, moist air to your child. This machine can also deliver oxygen.



vent buttons


3 target temperatures:heater

a. 37 degrees C- Ideal

b. 34 degrees C- if compliance at 37 degrees is a problem

c. 31 degrees C- for face mask only

Flow cool flow icon

10-25LPM- increments of 1LPM
25-60- increments of 5LPM
Note: trach collar use- 10-20LPM

Drying Cycledrying screen


  1. Is the device plugged into the outlet?
  2. Is the electrical outlet working?
  3. Is the filter clear and clean?
  4. Is the correct flow set?
  5. Is the correct pressure set?
  6. Are you in the correct mode?
  7. If the MyAirvo2 still does not work, call your home healthcare provider.

3. Circuit (tubing) set up


Changing the circuit

  1. Run Drying Cycle between uses, 99 minutes.
  2. Change the circuit as instructed by your home care provider.

Oxygen Chart

tube connection diagramoxygen flow chart


Special directions

arivo and tubeTracheostomy Interface



Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.