How to care for NG or NJ bridle (1027)

Key points below

What is a NG or NJ bridle?

A bridle keeps a nasogastric tube (NG) or nasojejunal tube (NJ) from slipping or coming out.

Your child’s bridle size is: 5-6 8-10 _________

Measurement from nose to the end of the tube is ________cm.

How will it be put in?

A provider with special training will place the bridle. This is done in the hospital or at a clinic visit.  A stretchy magnetic probe is put into each nostril.  The magnetic ends of each probe pull together behind a bone in the back of the nose.  A thin tube is then pulled around the bone through the probe.   A special clip is put on the end, outside of the nose.  This clip holds the NG or NJ tube in place. The magnetic probe is removed.

How do I care for a bridle?

How often does it need to be changed?

The bridle needs to be changed every time the NG or NJ is changed or if the bridle becomes loose.   NG tubes are changed every 30 days.   NJ tubes are changed every 90 days.  The clinic will call you to make an appointment for the tube change.  Only a trained medical provider should remove a bridle.  In an emergency, you may be told to go to the emergency department to have the bridle removed or replaced.

Some common things you can expect when your child has a bridle:

Other teaching sheets that may be helpful:



Contact the doctor immediately if your child has:

  • redness or sores around the nose. 
  • a bloody nose.
  • a hard time breathing.
During Monday through Friday, 8-4pm, call the NG Bridle Clinician 414-266-2085. 
After hours, call the Children’s hospital operator at 414-266-2000 and ask them to page the GI fellow on call.