Hemoccult blood test (1765)

Key points below

Test for blood in poop

How do I do this test?

You will do this test when your child poops.  Use a small amount of poop from the diaper or the hat. The hat is a container to catch poop when your child is sitting on the toilet.  Do not mix toilet paper or wipes with the poop that you will be using.   

This teaching sheet is for the Hemoccult brand only.  If you have a different brand, you must read the directions in your kit. 

1. Use the small stick (applicator) in your kit to get a small amount of poop.  Use a thin layer to cover Box A of your test card. hemoccult
2. With the same stick, get another small amount of poop.  It should be from a different part of the same poop.  Use a thin layer to cover Box B.
3. Close the cover flap on the test card.  
4. Throw away the stick.
5. Now, flip the card over.  Open the card.  Put two drops of the test liquid (developer) over each box. 
6. Read the results within 1 minute after putting the test liquid on the card. If there is any blue on the card, the poop has blood in it (positive). If there is no blue, there is no blood (negative).
7. Keep track of the results. This will be your results log.

Date    Results
6/15 8:00am    Negative 
6/16 9:00am    Negative

Special information


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.