Using CGM in hospital (1877)

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or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in the hospital

Can my child’s insulin pump or CGM be used in the hospital?

Every child who stays over night in the hospital with an insulin pump or CGM must be seen by the endocrinologist.  This doctor specializes in diabetes and blood sugar control. They will talk to your child’s other doctors. This team will decide if the insulin pump or CGM can be used in the hospital. 

This team may decide that it is not safe to use a pump or CGM while in the hospital.  If it is not safe to use the insulin pump, your child will get insulin shots to control blood sugar. 

Insulin pumps and CGMs may also need to be removed if:

What are some things I need to do for my child to use an insulin pump or CGM while in the hospital?  

There are rules that must be followed.  These rules help keep your child safe while in the hospital.  Your nurses and doctors will explain these rules.  The insulin pump or CGM may be turned off if the rules are not followed.  Insulin shots will be given, instead. 

Hospital rules

Caregiver responsibilities

Tell the nurse if they are worried about signs of low or high blood sugar.  A hospital glucose meter will be used before giving any insulin.  Blood sugar levels from the CGM cannot be used to give insulin.

Bring 2 extra sets of insulin pump and CGM supplies. The supplies must be at the hospital within 12 hours of being admitted.


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.