Sabril (1897)

Key points below

What is Sabril? 

Sabril is a medicine used to treat Infantile Spasms and Seizures in infants and young children. 

How is Sabril prepared?

Sabril is a powder that comes in a 500 mg packet.  Mix it with water until it looks clear.  

How do I give Sabril?

Sabril must only be mixed with water.  The powder will mix completely in the water and the liquid will look clear. After it is mixed you will measure out the dose of medicine.  Your provider will tell you how much you need to give your child for each dose.

1.  Get your supplies:

2.  Tap packet to move the powder to the bottom.  It should be away from the cutting line. 

3.  Cut on the dotted line to open the packet. Pour all the powder into a clear cup.

4.  Use the syringe to draw up the amount of water you need. Use the chart to know how much water is needed. 

Number of Sabril packets your child needs for a dose and total amount of milliliters (mLs) water needed 
1 packet   (500 mg) - 10 mL of water
2 packets (1000 mg) - 20 mL of water
3 packets (1500 mg) - 30 mL of water
4 packets  (2000 mg) - 40 mL of water

5.   Push the water into the clear cup that has the Sabril powder. 

6.   Gently mix the water and powder until it is clear.  

7.   Use your syringe to draw up the mLs of medicine that your provider told you to give your child. You might not use all of the medicine in the cup. Follow the medicine label from your doctor or pharmacy for your child’s dose.

8.   Wash your hands after preparing the Sabril.

9.   Give your child their dose of Sabril.  Do not add medicine dose to other drinks or bottles.

Safety and storage

Important notes 


Be sure to call your child’s provider, nurse or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if:

  • you are worried about any side effects of the Sabril.
  • your child has special health care needs not covered by this information.