Corflo PEG Tube G tube (3014)

Key points below

What is a Corflo PEG tube?

This tube is a long type of feeding tube that is held in the stomach by a bumper.
The tube needs to stay in place for at least 12 weeks before it is changed in theOperating Room.  This is needed for the tract to heal.  After this time, the tube can be changed to another type of tube.

peg tube

Why does my child have a Corflo PEG tube?

You and your child’s doctor decided this kind of feeding tube would be the best for your child at this time.

Your child’s PEG tube size is _______.

How do I care for the tube?

See the Caring for a Child with a Feeding Tube Notebook or go to

Information and videos on website:

Problem: Leaking of formula or stomach juices at the site where tube is in the skin
Causes:Stabilization disc or elbow adapter is loose
Child is ill or sick.  Sometimes when your child is sick with coughing or throwing up, there is leaking at the site.
Solution: Check the stabilization disc or elbow adapter.  If is far from the skin, it needs to be tightened.  Talk with your child’s nurse on how to do this.  
Try extra dressings when leaking.

Problem: Broken port or leaking near ports
Causes: Over twisting of syringes on ports or the column below ports bending often.
Solution: The port adapter will need to be replaced. If you have a spare adapter and have been taught how to change it, then change it.  If you do not have a spare adapter, call your child’s nurse or doctor. 
Here is a video on how to change an adapter:



Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if:

  • the tube is the first tube and it has fallen out.
  • the tube site is closing up.
  • your child has feeding problems such as vomiting or gagging.
  • you are not able to spin the tube in the tract.