Integrated Healing Program

When your child is suffering from chronic and overwhelming pain, a comprehensive approach to care is needed. Treatment of their physical and emotional needs is crucial for their overall pain management and healing. Children’s Wisconsin, Rogers Behavioral Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin are proud to offer the Integrated Healing Program (IHP), an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program for teenagers struggling with debilitating pain and related functional disorders. The IHP treats teens holistically by addressing their physical, emotional and social needs.

Our multidisciplinary team includes medical, health psychology and physical therapy experts from the Jane B. Pettit Pain & Headache Center at Children’s Wisconsin along with child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists from Rogers Behavioral Health.

About Children's Wisconsin and Rogers Behavioral Health

Children’s Wisconsin and Rogers collaborate to improve the mental and behavioral health of Wisconsin’s kids by developing innovative care models and services. Together, the multidisciplinary teams at Children’s Wisconsin and Rogers include experts in the fields of child and adolescent medicine, psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology and psychotherapy. The collaboration centers on improving access to specialized behavioral healthcare resources for families across the state.

What we do

When your child is in pain, it's easy to feel helpless. Pain can affect every aspect of life for both the child and the family. Our team will help your child restore function, learn coping strategies and engage in valued activities. You know your child best and we will work with you to develop a plan that provides the best outcome.  

The Integrated Healing Program is an intensive, outpatient rehabilitative program, designed to treat patients holistically. Their physical, emotional and social needs are addressed in intensive, eight-hour daily sessions for four to six weeks. The program offers our patients a chance to practice daily skills, move and exercise with 2 daily sessions of physical therapy and other team building movement activities.

Teens will participate in group sessions which teach them the skills to manage stress and address mood and anxiety in relation to their pain. As a whole, the program helps kids take back their lives and become kids again. 

Parent/caregiver participation is extremely important in this journey. Parents/caregivers participate in groups twice a week to learn parenting strategies, alternative ways to support their child and to learn from other parents/caregivers. Decisions that are made by the care team, about pain and pain management choices, are shared and we work with parents/caregivers to develop a functional plan for each patient, prior to discharge.

Program outcomes

  • Patients report significant improvements in overall physical functioning and return to age appropriate activities
  • Patients report significantly improved quality of life
  • Patients report less worry about pain and how it will impact them
  • Patients report significantly increased emotional wellbeing
  • Over 90% of patients show overall improvement

Additional information about the Integrated Healing Program

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