What you can expect

Before your visit

  • Bring detailed notes about pain/headaches
  • Medical records from referral provider should be sent to the Pain & Headache Clinic
  • Bring all medications (list and/or bottles/containers) to first appointment
  • Complete ANY questionnaires we have sent to you before your visit.
  • You must give 24 hours notice to change and/or cancel your scheduled appointment. This may prolong the time before the initial visit.

During your visit

  • Expect many questions about pain/headache, general medical history, and family medical history
  • Foreign language interpreter (including sign language) available if needed.
  • Complete questionnaires, they serve as a foundation for the treatment plan and also done at the follow-up visits to see progress.
  • The FLOW of the appointment (~ 1 ½ - 2 hours)
    • Check in at front desk
    • Height/weight, vital signs, medications reviewed
    • The Doctor/Nurse Practitioner and Mental Health providers (the TEAM) will conduct a thorough interview with patient and family.
    • Physical exam by Doctor/Nurse Practitioner with nurse/medical assistant present WHILE Mental Health provider speaks with family member(s).
    • Mental health provider speaks with patient individually
    • The team prepares a comprehensive plan and reviews with family

After your visit

  • Clinic front desk to schedule follow-up appointment
  • Recommend families sign up for My Chart
  • If indicated (blood tests, EKG), completed the day of visit.
  • If indicated (other tests/MRI, referrals), family will call Central Scheduling at (414) 607-5280 to schedule these at a later date.
  • Families will be contacted about ALL test results
  • Keep pain/headache diary

About our approach to pain management


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