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Seasonal depression in tweens and teens Children's Wisconsin mental and behavioral health

Gray days: How to treat seasonal depression in tweens and teens

Jeffrey Karst, PhD Psychologist

Seasonal depression is common but can be more challenging to detect in teens.

How to talk to you kids about death Children's Wisconsin

The great beyond: How to talk to kids about death

Lene Trost, MA, LCSW Child and Family Therapist

Death may be part of life, but helping kids understand it can be a challenge.

Children's Wisconsin vaping E-cigarette or Vaping Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI)

Teen vaping: What we now know and where we go from here

Lynn D’Andrea, MD Medical Director

While great strides have been made the last few years, our work is not done until we have greatly reduced the number of kids who become hooked after vaping.

When is it okay to quit Children's Wisconsin

Throwing in the towel: When is it okay to let your child quit

Artie Turner, LPS Behavioral Health Consultant

There are many reasons why children may want to quit an activity.

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