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Children's Wisconsin foster care raising heroes
Patient Stories

Watching heroes grow

Hannah Powell, Foster Mother

Fostering gives you a gift of seeing potential long before it has bloomed.

Teen mental health red flags Children's Wisconsin

Is this healthy? Understanding your teen’s mental health signs

Kate Bennett, DSW, LCSW Behavioral Health Consultant

Helping parents understand what feelings and moods are normal and what might need a little extra attention.

Postpartum depression more than the baby blues Children's Wisconsin

Postpartum depression: More than the baby blues

Karen Swanson, MD Pediatrician

Becoming a mom changes you forever — and that includes your mental and emotional state of being.

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Children’s Wisconsin honors state lawmakers with Champion Policy Award

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Children’s Wisconsin has awarded State Senator Mary Felzkowsi (R-Tomahawk) and State Representative Robert Wittke (R-Racine) with the tenth annual Children’s Champion Policy Awards.

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