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Baby’s first ride: How the Children’s Wisconsin Transport Team brings specialized care to kids all over the country

Jen Novotny Writer

The Children's Wisconsin Transport Team brings kids to its Milwaukee campus — by ambulance, helicopter or fixed-wing airplane — from referring hospitals across the United States. But it does so much more.

Fireworks safety Children's Wisconsin

Fireworks and kids: How to stay safe this summer

Libbe Slavin Coordinator

There is no safe way to enjoy fireworks at home.

LBGTQ+ mental health disparities Children's Wisconsin

Proud, happy and loved: Addressing mental health challenges for LGBTQ+ youth

Jacquelyn Smith, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist

When it comes to LGBTQ+ children and their mental health, the best thing a parent can do is listen.

Children's Wisconsin covid-19 vaccine myths in kids

Addressing fears of the COVID-19 vaccine and kids

Smriti Khare, MD Pediatrician and Chief Mental and Behavioral Health Officer

Kids as young as 6 months old have now been approved to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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