Educational Achievement Partnership Program

Formerly known as the School Intervention Program


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The mission of the Educational Achievement Partnership Program (formerly known as the School Intervention Program) is to advance long-term educational achievement in children with chronic illness through collaboration, knowledge, advocacy, and commitment.


To continually evolve the gold standard of pediatric follow-up care in order to allow every child the opportunity to reach their optimal potential.

About the Educational Achievement Partnership Program

We are led by experienced educators with special training in the neurodevelopmental impacts of chronic illnesses. We establish collaborative partnerships with families, schools, medical teams, and community care providers to interpret how a child’s health affects the brain and body and facilitate communication around the overall needs of the child. We build a comprehensive account of each child’s medical, educational, and social-emotional needs and advocate for those needs with the parent and school. With enduring support, we adapt our services to encourage continued achievement as a child’s health and education needs change throughout his or her educational career. This service is offered to heart families completely free of charge as a standard of care.

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Patient stories


Nya's story

Nya’s whole world opens up when she learns how to communicate her needs, wants, and joys.


Ian's story

Ian journeys from a frustrated and confused 4th grader to an 8th grade honor roll student and AVID scholar who loves to read.


Rayna's story

Rayna transforms from a “naughty” 5th grader to an accomplished 9th grader with glowing teacher praise and big dreams for a bright future.


Bella's story

Bella learns how to succeed in school and engage at home when she is given the right support, by the right person, at the right time.


Jack's story

Jack discovers his pathway to educational achievement with a team partners who identify and understand challenges and problem-solve solutions.


Andre's story

Andre begins his educational career with early interventions that maximize learning opportunities and health and safety at school.

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