How to complete the I-9 Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Download I-9 form

Triangle with exclamation markImportant: You will need to view the I9 PDF document on a laptop or desktop computer. It may not successfully load on a tablet or smart phone. It is recommended to view the document with Internet Explorer browser. If you are unable to view the I9 PDF document on a laptop or desktop, you may need to update your Adobe Reader software or disable a pop-up blocker on your browser. You can update your Adobe Reader by clicking on the following link:

  • If you are still unable to view and print off the I9 form, then you will be able to fill out a blank printed off form when you stop in to the HR department during your Employee Health and Wellness Visit.

Step 1. Fill out all fields in Section 1. If you are unfamiliar with the form please review instructions.

  1. Click the Instructions button on the top left of the form.
  2. Once you have finished reviewing the instructions click the (X) in the right hand corner to close the window

(ALL Fields must be filled in) If something does not apply to you please fill the box in with a N/A. (For example Apt. Number, Email or Other Last Names Used you would put a N/A in the field if you do not have one.)

  1. Any questions on a particular field you can click the (?) in that field for a more detailed explanation.
  2. You must click on one of the four options.
    1. A Citizen of the United States
    2. A Non-citizen National of the United States
    3. A Lawful Permanent Resident
    4. An Alien Authorized to Work

      Fill in any needed information accordingly to the option that applies to you.

  3. You do not need to fill in the signature and date field. Once you print the form you will sign and date (mm/dd/yyyy) the printed form.

Step 4. Under Preparer and/or Translator Certification area Click on which options applies to you.

  1. I did not use a preparer or translator
  2. A preparer(s) and/or translator(s) assisted the employee in completing section

That completes your portion of the Form! Click the Print button on the top of the 1st or 2nd page of the form.

Step 5. When you click print you will get a few pop ups. Please see instructions below. You DO NOT need to click on the to finish or save button on the document.

  1. You will get a pop-up box that states

    This form contains incomplete or invalid information. Are you sure you want to print? CLICK YES

  2. Under pages to print please change to pages 1-2
  3. Click on the Print button

    Step 6. Once the form has printed Click the X in the top right corner to close the window.

    1. Another pop-up box will ask if you want to save changes before closing.

Click NO

Please have your unexpired original documents ready for review.