Visiting our Milwaukee campus

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Welcome to Children's Wisconsin's Milwaukee campus! We provide care designed to meet the unique needs of your child and your family. We believe kids deserve the best.

Visitor guidelines

While the information found here is meant to help you during your child's visit to our Milwaukee campus facility, if you have any questions or concerns, please ask your child's care providers for help or contact Patient Relations at (414) 266-7848.

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Family-centered care

Children's Wisconsin encourages partnerships with open, ongoing communication between family members and healthcare staff. Our goal is to support families in their caregiving roles by building on their strengths.

Parent engagement

You play an important role in helping your child get better. You are a key player.

We also ask that you:

  • Know who is in charge of your child's care
  • Make sure all health professionals involved in your child's care have important information about his or her health history. This includes medicines, allergies and reactions, immunizations, developmental needs, past surgeries, or hospital admissions.
  • Ask why each test of procedure is being done and when the results will be available
  • Have a family member or friend with you to help support you in your child's care. Choose someone who can help get things done and speak up for you when you cannot.
  • Insist all care providers who have direct contact with your child clean their hands first
  • Have the doctor explain the home treatment plan when your child is being discharged from the hospital. If you don't understand, ask for more information.
  • Participate in daily rounds with the healthcare team


We release information about a child only when authorized by a parent or legal guardian. Information will not be given to friends, other relatives, or the news media without consent from a legal guardian. 

Additional information about Children's Milwaukee campus

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