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Latest news from Children's Wisconsin

Learn more about the Now open Kenosha mental health walk-in clinic

February 2024

Children’s Wisconsin is excited to announce the opening of the Kenosha mental health walk-in Clinic.

Learn more about Infectious disease outpatient clinic expanding

February 2024

Children’s Wisconsin is excited to announce the expansion of our outpatient Infectious Disease Clinic.

Learn more about the Updated co-management guidelines for spinal asymmetry and scoliosis

January 2024

Children’s Wisconsin has developed guidelines to provide protocols for jointly managing patient cases between community providers and our pediatric specialists.

Have a teen patient with debilitating chronic pain? Refer them to the Integrated Healing Program

December 2023

The Integrated Healing Program (IHP) at Children's is a unique program for teens, ages 13-18, suffering from debilitating chronic pain and related functional neurologic disorders, who have withdrawn from normal activities.

Updated Child Development Center Referral Guide

December 2023

We have made some improvements in the way we process referrals to the Child Development Center.

Learn more about the BEAR implant

October 2023

Dr. John Erickson, an orthopedic surgeon at Children’s Wisconsin talks us through the BEAR implant, a newer treatment option for ACL injuries.

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