Physical and occupational therapy

The Children's Wisconsin physical and occupational therapy care team focuses on helping kids who have been injured or who have a disability to function as independently as possible.

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Pediatric physical therapy

Pediatric physical therapy helps kids and teens who have developmental or congenital conditions or who are recovering from trauma. We use age-appropriate treatment approaches to foster normal development and independent functioning. Our physical therapists are health professionals with extensive knowledge about how kids' bodies move and how to improve their movement.

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Sports physical therapy

For youth through collegiate athletes, our sports physical therapy team is specially trained to meet the needs and demands of sports and return young athletes to competition. The goal of physical therapy is to gain or restore strength, improve balance and coordination, increase range of motion and promote independent functioning.

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Pediatric occupational therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy helps kids who have a physical, psychological, sensory, perceptual, or cognitive disability perform activities that occupy their time, including daily activities such as dressing, writing, eating, and brushing their teeth. Our occupational therapists help children with special needs be as independent as possible. They also can help children who return to school after a serious injury or illness.

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Hand therapy

When your child or teen is diagnosed with a condition that requires hand therapy, they will see a certified hand therapist for treatment. The hand is unique when it comes to care and treatment due to its complex nature and function. Our certified hand therapist works alongside our hand surgeon and other members of your care team in the clinic. The hand therapist will teach your child stretches and exercises that have been customized to fit their needs and goals and will assist with strength and functional development.

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Teaching sheets

Teaching Sheets are written by Children's staff and include the most important information for families to know when caring for their child. Access the teaching sheets.