Physical therapy

two therapists working with patients in physical therapy treatment gym

At Children's Wisconsin, our team of physical therapists work with kids and teens who have developmental or congenital conditions or who are recovering from trauma. The goal of physical therapy is to gain or restore strength, improve balance and coordination, increase range of motion and promote independent functioning.

Conditions we treat:


At Children’s, our physical therapists collaborate closely with medical teams from sports medicine, orthopedics, neurosciences, primary care, psychology and physical medicine and rehab. Treatment plans are developed based on the mutually-agreed upon goals of the child, parents and medical team.

  • Therapeutic exercise targeting mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength improvements
  • Sport specific rehabilitation including return to sport assessment, injury prevention techniques and performance enhancement in our built-for-purpose, state of the art, sports rehabilitation clinics.
  • Manual therapy techniques including soft tissue mobilization such as therapeutic massage and myofascial release, joint and spine mobilization and manipulation, trigger point dry needling, and neurodynamic mobilization.
  • Comprehensive approach to pain management including education on the neuroscience of pain, modalities such as ultrasound, hypervolt percussion massage, electrical stimulation for pain relief, kinesiotaping techniques and a holistic approach to other factors affecting pain such as sleep hygiene, nutrition, ergonomics, physical activity, and wellness.
  • Neurodevelopmental handling techniques to facilitate muscle activation and motor patterning.
  • Play-based therapeutic activities to support function in a child’s natural environment.
  • Guidance and fitting for durable medical equipment including wheelchairs, orthotics, and bracing.

Specialty services

Concussion and Brain Injury Rehab

  • Awareness to vestibular, cervicogenic and physiological considerations allow patients to return to prior levels of function safely and effectively

Dry Needling

  • Pain and trigger point management

Serial casting to protect, position, and improve extremity function

Posture, Gait and Motion Analysis

  • Biodex isokinetic strength testing to well inform on return to activity decisions
  • Quantec and Diers Formetric Assessment creates a three-dimensional model of trunk, spine and pelvis and how it changes with adjustments in posture and movement.
  • Real-time assessment of gait using biomarkers to determine appropriate treatment intervention

Neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) techniques

  • Therapeutic handling and movement analysis to facilitate motor patterning and functional improvements

Torticollis management

  • Muscle lengthening and positioning techniques to correct head/neck posture and support mobility and development

Comprehensive Spine Care

  • All-inclusive education on spinal condition and management with assessment, evaluation and treatment specific to patient’s unique presentation
  • Scoliosis-specific exercise performed by Schroth certified clinical expert in state of the art spine specific rehabilitation space
  • Evidence based approach to management of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis including multi-phase protocol designed for returning athletes to prior levels of sports participation after injury

State-of-the-art facilities

Our physical and occupational therapy treatment spaces were designed specifically to meet the needs of children and teens. Children's regional clinic locations at Delafield, Greenfield, Mequon, New Berlin and Kenosha are outfitted with custom treatment spaces.


Overview of physical therapy treatment space at the Children's Wisconsin Delafield Clinic.

young girl receiving physical therapy in colorful treatment space

Meet our physical therapists:

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Teaching sheets

Teaching Sheets are written by Children's staff and include the most important information for families to know when caring for their child. Access the teaching sheets.