Adolescent health and medicine

Dealing with those difficult adolescent years

Adolescent Health and Medicine Program at Children's Wisconsin addresses the physical, emotional, and social changes and general health care issues that children, teens, and young adults from ages 10 to 21 normally encounter.

Adolescence is a time unlike any other period of growth and change. For you and your child, adolescence presents unique health challenges that include their physical development, nutrition, body image, and emotional well-being.

We know the teen years can be difficult. Kids go through many physical, social, and emotional changes during their teens. Chronic illness or special health care needs can amplify the challenges. Our Adolescent Health and Medicine staff are specially trained to help teens and young adults manage all the health problems they may face – from routine to serious.

Common adolescent issues and concerns

Our adolescent health services support and complement your health care provider's involvement.

Talking about it
Have your teen talk with our specialists in adolescent medicine to remove doubt and
fear about many issues.

Learning about being a “tween”
When changes begin to happen, it sometimes helps to know why, when and what to
expect.

Safer teenage driving?
More than “rules of the road,” some hints on what you can do to improve your teenage
driver's good driving habits.

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