Neurology Program

Neurological disorders we treat

Specialists in the award-winning Neurology Program at Children's Wisconsin work with a variety of specialists, including physiatrists (rehab physicians), pulmonologists, physical and occupational therapists, cardiologists, genetics counselors, orthopedic specialists, physician assistants, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers and mobility experts, all to give your child the very best care available.

Our specialists treat the full range of neurological disorders, including:

  • Childhood epilepsy – seizure disorders
  • Headaches/migraines – severe or recurrent pain in the head
  • PHACE syndrome – a cluster of disorders with the hallmark of a hemangioma (birthmark) on the head/face
  • Hereditary neuropathies – inherited nerve damage
  • Metabolic disease affecting the nervous system – inherited diseases that affect how energy is used or stored, than in turn affect nerve function
  • Neuromuscular disorders, including muscular dystrophy – muscle weakness related to a breakdown in the communication between nerves and target muscles
  • Movement disorders, including Tourette syndrome and ataxia – problems with voluntary and involuntary movement
  • Autism – neurological and developmental disorder which affects social functioning
  • Hypotonia – muscle limpness
  • Developmental delays – child is slow to learn skills like walking, rolling over or speaking
  • Pediatric stroke – brain damage due to a loss of blood flow

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Diagnosis and treatment

Neurologic disorders come in many different forms and usually are related to other conditions, as well. Depending on the specifics of your child’s condition and your input, a variety of treatments across a number of Children's programs may be recommended.

Our neurologists work with other team members from the comprehensive Neurosciences Center, as well as in programs across Children’s to offer complete care for your child.

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