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November 2023

Durable Medical Equipment clinic is now open 

Children that need new medical equipment or modifications that are not currently receiving consistent outpatient therapy can now be supported/referred to Children’s Wisconsin Durable Medical
Equipment Clinic.

October 2023

Updated Co-Management Guidelines for Headache

To support collaborative care, Children’s Wisconsin has developed guidelines to provide protocols for jointly managing patient cases between community providers and our pediatric specialists.

Learn more about the BEAR implant

Dr. John Erickson, an orthopedic surgeon at Children’s Wisconsin talks us through the BEAR implant, a newer treatment option for ACL injuries.

Liver Transplant program

Children’s Wisconsin is proud to announce several new additions to our nationally recognized Liver Transplant team.

Meet Aparna Ramasubramanian, MD from Ophthalmology

Aparna Ramasubramanian, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin in August 2023, as an ocular oncologist and pediatric ophthalmologist and an Associate Professor of Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

September 2023

APP spotlight: Denise M. Kilway, DNP, APNP, CPNP-BC

Denise M. Kilway, DNP, APNP, CPNP-BC, is a nurse practitioner (NP) who works alongside a team of physicians, dietitians, psychologists, speech pathologists and other nurse practitioners to help children with gastrointestinal conditions.

New Approaches to Food Allergies

While traditional standard of care has focused on avoidance of food allergens and use of rescue medications in the event an accidental ingestion occurs, the approaches to treatment of pediatric food allergy are rapidly evolving.

August 2023

New Resource: Aerodigestive Referral Guide

The Aerodigestive Center is an interdisciplinary team that evaluates complex airway and digestive track disorders in children.
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Meet Alexis Gumm, MD from Gastroenterology

Alexis Gumm, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin, as a pediatric gastroenterologist, transplant hepatologist and an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
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New Resource: Feeding Team Referral Guide

The referral guide will outline conditions treated, conditions NOT treated, what a family can expect and how to refer a patient.
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July 2023

New Laboratory Order form

Children’s Wisconsin has improved our outpatient laboratory order form.
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Meet Pallavi Iyer, MD from Endocrinology

Pallavi Iyer, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin as a pediatric endocrinologist and Chief, Associate Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
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Ortho Fracture Flow Chart 

This is a flow chart that lays out the current process for sending a fracture referral to one of our four local Children's Wisconsin fracture care clinics.
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June 2023

New resources for Endocrinology

The section of Endocrinology and Diabetes is excited to partner with our referring physicians and advanced practice providers to determine next best steps in care of these children. 
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Meet Matthew Cooper, MD from Solid Organ Transplantation

Matthew Cooper, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin in February 2023 as the Director of Solid Organ Transplantation and Chief of the Division of Transplantation in the Department of Surgery, Professor of Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the Mark B. Adams Chair in Transplant Surgery.
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2023 - 2024 Pocket Directory

In this edition of the pocket directory, we have added information to help guide referring physicians, providers and their staff in areas where we get frequent questions.
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May 2023 

Surgical Services 2022 Annual Report

Children’s Wisconsin remains the highest-rated pediatric surgical center. Learn more about some of the many surgical services we offer. 
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Get to know Elizabeth Dabrowski, MD from Endocrinology

Elizabeth Dabrowski, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin as a pediatric endocrinologist and also an assistant professor of Pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
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Get to know Pradeep Javarayee, MD from Neurology

Pradeep Javarayee, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin as a pediatric neurologist and also an assistant professor of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 
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April 2023 

Get to know Sameer Shakir, MD from Plastic Surgery

Sameer Shakir, MD joined Children’s Wisconsin in September 2022, as a pediatric plastic surgeon and also an assistant professor of Plastic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
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Herma Heart Institute 2022 Annual Report

Learn more about how the Herma Heart Institute invests in research and how that translates into the care provided to patients and their families.
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March 2023 

Get to know Allison Duey-Holtz, MSN, CPNP-PC from Orthopedics

Allison has 25 years in specialized pediatric orthopedic care. She provides pediatric care for children experiencing underlying spinal conditions, neuromuscular complexities, musculoskeletal trauma and fractures.
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Get to know Matthew J. Armstrong, APNP from Urology

Matthew has 18 years in specialized pediatric care, with a focus on patients with bladder and bowel dysfunction.
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Get to know Brenda Hasse-Rupp, PAC from Dermatology

Brenda has 13 years in specialized pediatric dermatology care. She provides expert pediatric care for children experiencing eczema, warts, acne and other skin conditions in Milwaukee and Kenosha.
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New Specialty Clinic Now Open

March 2023
Children’s Wisconsin’s Appleton Clinic gives families in Northeast and Central Wisconsin convenient access to the state’s only health system dedicated solely to the health and well-being of children and teens.
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Visitor restrictions lifted

March 2023
Children’s Wisconsin Visitation Restrictions have been lifted for all Children’s Wisconsin locations.
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February 2023

Get to know Peter Shaw, MD from Hematology 

February 2023
Peter Shaw, MD, joined Children’s Wisconsin in April 2022, as a director of clinical operations for the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.
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January 2023

Peanut Allergy new treatment option - Oral Immunotherapy

January 30, 2023
Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies diagnosed in children. Standard treatment consists of strict avoidance and carrying an epinephrine auto-injector.
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Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia clinical practice guideline

January 27, 2023
Take a look at the 2022 American academy of pediatrics neonatal hyperbilirubinemia clinical practice guideline
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Pediatric viral trends in Wisconsin

January 27, 2023
Children's Wisconsin, along with pediatric hospitals across the country, continues to see large numbers of children with viral infections.
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Cancer Predisposition Program

Our Cancer Predisposition program is a one-stop shop where the family has access to resources at the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and multidisciplinary expertise — all in one visit.
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Sports Nutrition Counseling Services

Clinical dietitians play an integral role in caring for patients at Children's. Patients may also be seen by a clinical dietitian independent from a medical provider in one of our fee-for-service programs at our New Berlin and Greenfield clinic locations.
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December 2022

Food panels no longer available

Although many practitioners are accustomed to the ease of ordering a single food or order set, or preselected order set, the downfalls of broad panel testing for food allergy are numerous.
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New Section Chief Gastroenterology

Dr. Mack joined Children's Wisconsin in 2022 and has more than 20 years of clinical experience in the field of hepatology.
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Get to know Erika Pyzik, NP from Neurology

Erika has 15 years in specialized pediatric care, with a focus on neuromuscular disease.
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