Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic has expanded

Children’s Wisconsin is excited to announce the expansion of our outpatient Infectious Disease Clinic. We currently have 7 board-certified physicians, a nurse practitioner and a registered nurse in pediatric infectious diseases who are committed to seeing patients in an outpatient setting to continue their comprehensive and specialized medical care. We see patients as follow-up to inpatient admissions or new referrals for reasons including:

Osteomyelitis / Septic Arthritis
Meningitis / CNS Infection
Complicated pneumonia
Blastomycosis and other endemic fungal infection
Atypical mycobacterial infection
Tuberculosis (latent and active)
Hepatitis C
HIV infection
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for 13 to18 year-olds
Congenital infections (including cytomegalovirus, syphilis, toxoplasmosis)
Neonatal and recurrent herpes simplex virus
Complicated Lyme Disease
Complicated infections associated with immunosuppression/ immunocompromised state
Recurrent or persistent infection
Fever of Unknown Etiology
Completion of rabies vaccine post exposure
Travel related infections

To Refer a Patient: 

  • From within Children's Epic
    Place an ambulatory referral to Infectious Disease
  • External referral in Epic
  • Fax
    To Central Scheduling (414) 607-5288 
    Online ambulatory referral form

To reach an infectious disease physician about a non-urgent outpatient concern, please contact the Infectious Disease Office at 414-337-7070.
To reach an infectious disease physician about urgent referrals or questions call the Physician Consultation Line 414-266-2460 / 800-266-0366.
For internal providers with questions regarding HIV PrEP, Hepatitis C and syphilis or quick general infectious disease questions, e-consults are also available.




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