Children’s Dental Center

Caring for infants, toddlers, children and adolescents

Our child-friendly pediatric dental care includes sophisticated equipment and the most current dental techniques designed specifically for children.

Our dental professionals, thoroughly trained in infant, pediatric and adolescent dentistry, will make dental visits non-threatening and rewarding experiences for both you and your child.

A full range of pediatric dental services, including orthodontics

Our pediatric dental professionals are trained to treat young or fearful children. We use the most advanced techniques, including outpatient sedation and general anesthesia.

With proven expertise, and understanding of oral and facial growth and development, preventive dentistry and dental trauma, our dental team makes every child as comfortable and calm as possible to get the best results.

We have established a reputation as a special-needs clinic and can provide complete dental care for children who have medical, mental or physical challenges.

Children’s offers convenient hours, including evening appointments and 24-hour emergency service.

More than just treating the problem, we practice proactive dentistry to help avoid future dental problems and offer complete orthodontics for young children, adolescents and adults.