Black River Falls Office

Because we all want our children to thrive, Children's Wisconsin offers a variety of programs to help support parents and caregivers. Many of these programs are offered in partnership with local agencies and organizations. Many programs are available in both English and Spanish. The Children’s Wisconsin Black River Falls office offers the following:

Black River Falls Family Resource Center

Parents can find resources and programs and enjoy activities with their children. We offer parenting classes, parent information meetings and parent-child activities. We also offer screening for children ages 4 months to 5 years to see if they may need extra help in some areas. There is no cost to you. See our website for more information.

Healthy Families

Healthy Families Western Wisconsin

Healthy Families Western Wisconsin is a free support program. We work with families to promote healthy child growth, help build parenting skills and connect families to local resources. Pregnant and new parents can enroll at any time with a child younger than three months old. Services tailored for the child can be provided until the child reaches age 5. Staff shares parenting and child development information and activity ideas that promote child growth and a strong parent-child bond. Visits can take place in the home, community or at our office. They are wherever is most comfortable and convenient for your family. 

Warm line

Call the Black River Falls office warm line at (715) 284-3001 ext. 2 for advice on common challenges of raising kids. This line is not for emergencies. The warm line is for parents who may be under stress, have questions, or just need someone to talk to. Parents can also call for information about safe sleep and future classes.

Play and Learn for birth to five

Play and Learn teaches skills to help your child develop. It also shows positive ways for a parent and child to connect. Play and Learn is a place for parents to meet and support each other.

Triple P Parent Aide Program

Triple P is an in-home program that lasts for four weeks. It teaches positive parenting habits and how to deal with common stressors for parents of children and teenagers.

Youth Innovation Program

The Youth Innovation Program supports and encourages at-risk youth in Jackson County in their efforts to become resilient, responsible and self-sufficient adults.

Caregiver/Parent Leadership Group

This group engages caregivers and parents to provide support to one another, share parenting experiences and strengthen the lives of children throughout the community.  

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