Stop the flu before it starts

Protect your family and yourself

With the additional risk of COVID-19 in our community, it's more important than ever to keep your child safe as possible and avoid any hospital stays by getting a flu vaccination. The best way to protect your family from the flu is by getting the vaccination, which can reduce the severity of flu symptoms or prevent the flu all together.

We've made it easier than ever to get a flu vaccination by offering more locations, flexible times and more scheduling options — all while adhering to the highest safety standards to ensure every visit across all of our Children's Wisconsin locations is safe.

Schedule your child's flu shot

Where to get your flu vaccination

Children’s Wisconsin offers the flu vaccine at all of our primary care offices. Our flu vaccine is available for both current Children’s Wisconsin patients and non-patients. Current primary care patients have the option of either scheduling a flu shot at their regular primary care location or at any of our other primary care locations.

What is Influenza "flu"?

  • Influenza (or "flu") is a respiratory illness with high fever, cough, headaches, body chills, and congestion.
  • It is very contagious and symptoms typically last five to seven days.
  • The flu is a very serious illness and can be fatal, even to healthy children. Young infants, children with other illnesses, pregnant women, and the elderly are at high risk for severe influenza.

Influenza is NOT a stomach illness

  • Stomach illness with vomiting and diarrhea is commonly called the "stomach flu" – but this is not the same as influenza

Influenza vaccines are safe and effective

  • The vaccine has been studied extensively. It is safe and is recommended for almost everyone older than 6 months of age.
  • The vaccine won't give you the flu.
  • Each season's flu strains are different from previous season, so it's important to get a flu vaccination every year.
  • It's important to get your flu vaccination as soon as it's available to maximize protection.

It's important to get the flu vaccine every year

  • Each season's flu strains are different from the previous season's strains. Illness or immunization from last season will not offer protection for the upcoming season.
  • It’s important to schedule your flu vaccine appointment as soon as the vaccine is available in your area so that you are protected before the flu season begins.

Is FluMist® available this year?

Children's has a limited supply of FluMist. Families who prefer the FluMist should talk to their pediatrician about its availability.