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Pregnant Woman

Answering questions about high-risk pregnancies, fetal diagnosis and fetal treatment

While a pregnancy can bring so much joy and happiness for a mother-to-be, it can quickly feel overwhelming when it’s determined to be a high-risk pregnancy, or when the fetus has been diagnosed with a birth defect or other medical condition.

I recently had the opportunity, along with my colleague Meredith Cruz, MD, to participate in aFacebook Live chat where we discussed the treatment options that are available to mothers even before the child is born. Watch the video above to check it out.

In just the past thirty years, incredible strides have been made with regards to fetal care to help improve overall outcomes for the child. For example, one notable procedure is an open fetal myelomeningocele repair (fMMC), where a fetus that’s been diagnosed with a severe form of spina bifida is operated on within the womb. Children’s Wisconsin is one of just a few centers across the country that’s capable of this procedure, and we’re proud to see the positive outcomes it’s brought our families and their newborns.

No concern is too small

When a family comes to our Fetal Concerns Center, their situation often calls for specialized care and support. That’s why each mother has a dedicated nurse care coordinator to schedule appointments, answer questions and coordinate any additional support services, such as financial approvals or lodging. Following delivery of the baby, a mother can be comforted in knowing she is not far from her newborn, as the birthing center is co-located with our Level IV NICU, providing immense benefit to our families.

When it comes to your fetus, no concern is too small. We’re always happy to provide answers to any questions you may have or provide a second opinion. Reach us by calling 414-805-4776 or by visiting