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Be an angel: Make a donation and post a selfie

Children’s Wisconsin is a special place, where remarkable stories of hope and healing unfold every day. This is a place where miracles really do happen. I know, because I see them all the time.

I see the baby who was born much too soon. She weighs less than two pounds and her diaper is the size of a business card. She beats the odds and grows into a beautiful, healthy toddler. I see the tiny infant who undergoes numerous complicated heart surgeries who grows up to become a teenager holding his own on the basketball court. I see so many miracles.

When you spend your days in a place where miracles happen, you hear a lot of talk about care, love, hope and angels. I’ve learned that angels span nearly every religious tradition and mean many different things to different people. Some parents say our doctors and nurses are angels. Some parents pray for angels to watch over their child as we care for them. Most moving of all, some parents honor their child’s passing by saying their child earned their “angel wings.”

At Children’s Wisconsin, we know that we can’t do the work we do without the support of every member of our community. To us, you are the angels, because you step in when we need you to help us give kids the best.

Whatever the word “angel” means to you, we invite you to have a little fun with it (after all, our patient families demand that we have fun as much as we can). Become an angel yourself — in celebration of the amazing care that this community is able to provide our children because of the hospital we have built together.

Make a donation and join the celebration

During our holiday fundraising campaign, we’re asking everyone who makes an online donation to post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ChildrensAngel in their post. We want everyone to see the power of generosity and how this community comes together to support our kids.

We will choose random selfies to feature on our “Be an Angel” billboards throughout Milwaukee and the state!

Challenge your friends and family to donate, post their own selfies, and share why they are proud to be a #ChildrensAngel. Then look for us out and about in the community for more ways to celebrate the children we serve.

Donate online at and spread your wings!