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Children’s Wisconsin to accept adult patients in response to rising COVID-19 cases

With COVID-19 cases and hospitalization continuing to rise throughout Wisconsin, Children’s Wisconsin will start accepting the transfer of patients through the age of 26. 

While COVID-19 continues to not effect healthy children as seriously as adults, Children’s Wisconsin is focused on what we can do to help the community. In addition to accepting patients through the age of 26, we are also encouraging other health systems to transfer pediatric cases to us to free up beds and staff at adult-focused hospitals.

“This plan was first developed in April in the event we experienced a surge in hospitalizations like we are currently seeing,” said Michael Gutzeit, MD, chief medical officer at Children’s Wisconsin. “We had hoped we wouldn’t need to take this step, but it is important for us to support our colleagues and peers. This is about the overall health of our community, not Children’s Wisconsin.”

Only adult patients who are confirmed COVID-19-negative and influenza-negative will be transferred to Children’s Wisconsin. The number of adult patients that could be accepted will be based on the number of rooms and staff available at Children’s Wisconsin. The ability to meet the health care needs of kids will continue to come first. Placement within the hospital will be determined by each individual’s specific diagnosis and patients will be able to decline the opportunity to be transferred to Children’s Wisconsin.

“We need the community to follow all safety precautions, especially as the holidays near,” said Dr. Gutzeit. “That includes practicing social distancing, wearing a mask whenever you’re out in public and when social distancing isn’t possible and, as always, wash your hands thoroughly and often.” 

For more information, please watch the press conference with Dr. Michael Gutzeit below.