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Children's Wisconsin healthy baby, happy parent podcast Your baby’s mental health matters — Here’s why

Your baby’s mental health matters — Here’s why

We hear a lot in the news these days about mental health in teens and adults, but did you know that mental and behavioral health care is important for babies, too? In this episode, we speak with Karen Swanson, MD, a pediatrician at the Children's Wisconsin Pewaukee Pediatrics primary care office, about why it’s so important that both babies and caregivers get mental health support starting with those early well-baby visits.

Dr. Swanson explains what a behavioral health consultant is, how Children’s Wisconsin pediatricians work with BHCs to ensure that babies and children receive access to mental and behavioral health services, and why mental and behavioral health is just as important as physical health for your baby.

Dr. Swanson also explains how important that early secure attachment between a baby and parent is and the role mental and behavioral health play in making that strong attachment possible, as well as some signs and symptoms that your baby may benefit from intervention. 

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