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Ian with Dr. David Margolis

Go Bucks Go!

Six weeks ago, 11-year-old Ian was literally on life support. Diagnosed in February with severe aplastic anemia — a serious disease in which the bone marrow doesn’t produce blood cells — Ian didn’t respond to initial medical treatment and developed a life-threatening infection. After surgery to help treat the infection, Ian was placed on a ventilator and was put into a medically induced coma so his body could rest and heal.

Three weeks ago, Ian received a bone marrow transplant and has since been slowly and steadily improving. While waking up, he saw Dr. Dave Margolis’ bright green hair. A huge Bucks fan himself, Ian wanted to be a part of Dr. Dave’s playoff tradition. But first, he had to get healthy and strong enough.

Like the Bucks, Ian has been working hard and practicing. In fact, a portion of his daily physical therapy sessions has been dedicated to strengthening his right hand — so he could color Dr. Dave’s hair green. Earlier today, all of Ian’s hard work paid off. Great work, Ian! And Ian says, “Go Bucks Go!”