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Medical Imaging

Imaging gently: One size does not fit all

When a child is undergoing medical imaging, the primary focus for families should be on diagnosing and fixing the problem at hand, not worrying about outside issues like how much radiation exposure their child is exposed to.

That’s why at Children’s Wisconsin we take seriously the concept of imaging gently, committing ourselves to scanning patients with the lowest doses possible while still collecting the needed diagnostic images. That commitment continues with our new low-dose computed tomography (CT) scanner, the 128-slice CT from Siemens. Its specialized detectors and software are designed with low doses in mind. Children’s Wisconsin is the only facility in southeast Wisconsin with this equipment.

Getting the best images the first time

But getting the lowest doses possible is more than just a matter of shiny, new equipment. Our protocols demand that we come in below the dosage recommended by the American College of Radiology, and the technical skill of our imaging staff and radiologists also ensures that we get the best images the first time out. This shows in our repeat rate, which is well below the national benchmark. We also pride ourselves on getting our patients through scanning without sedation whenever possible.

Getting answers to frequently asked questions

You’re sure to have more questions and concerns if your child needs an imaging exam, so go ahead and check out our answers to frequently asked questions.