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Infographic: Safety guidelines for teenagers in the kitchen

A new school year means more teens will be home alone after school, perhaps for the first time. With this increased independence, many new responsibilities come into play — like preparing after-school snacks or perhaps helping to prepare dinner.

As parents, we like to think we know that our kids know what is safe and unsafe to do in the kitchen. But the truth is, we should never assume. My young teens and I recently reviewed some basic kitchen safety and established some clear guidelines that outline our comfort levels with their cooking in different situations, including when I’m not home, using the stove and microwave, and just teaching them some overall best safety practices.

We all feel much more at ease — and safer — after having had this conversation. The Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy program has created an infographic that we hope you’ll print and use as a tool to talk to your teens about cooking hazards and ways to stay safe in the kitchen.

What teenagers need to know

Download a PDF of the infographic below to print and post in your kitchen.Kitchen Safety Infographic