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Kids Playing In Winter

How to make safety a priority for kids playing outside this winter

Did you know that each winter 24,500 kids are injured in sledding accidents? About 3,000 of these kids suffer a serious brain injury as a result. Winter activities don’t have to be dangerous or have tragic consequences if safety is a top priority.

Following these tips to keep your kids safe while playing in the snow:


  • Always supervise your child while he or she is sledding.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Require your child to sled sitting down, face forward only.
  • Teach sled control — how to control the sled, fall off safely and stop.
  • One person to a sled, unless specifically designed for more than one rider.

Ice skating

  • Always supervise your child while he or she is skating.
  • Secure loose articles of clothing like scarves so they don’t catch on a skate and cause a fall.
  • Skaters should wear protective gear including a helmet, wrist guards and knee pads.
  • Check your child’s skates for a proper fit — they should fit snugly, be laced at top, and the laces should be tucked in.
  • Consider lessons.
  • If skating outdoors, choose a location approved and maintained by your community.

Pedestrian safety

  • Keep sidewalks and driveways well shoveled and apply material such as rock salt to improve traction.
  • Children can easily be hidden by snow drifts and mounds caused by shoveling and plowing. Make sure children under age 10 do not cross streets alone.
  • Make sure children wear appropriate shoes and brightly colored clothing (not white) while walking during snowy conditions. Use reflective clothing or stickers for maximum protection.