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It's Your Move exhibit

New activities in Kohl’s Healthy Kids: It’s Your Move! exhibit teach kids how to stay safe

If you’ve been to Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, chances are that you and your children have spent time exploring the giant board-game themed exhibit with the colorful path. The Kohl’s Healthy Kids: It’s Your Move! exhibit, a partnership of Children’s Wisconsin and Kohl’s Cares, first opened to families in 2010, and Children’s Wisconsin of Wisconsin experts helped to develop the health and wellness messaging and activities featured there.

Hands-on activities for children

On April 6, visitors were introduced to a refreshed version of the exhibit. New additions help children understand water, fire and traffic safety, how to avoid falls and head injuries, and how to respond in the event of an emergency. A kid-sized emergency response ambulance — designed to look like our own Children’s Transport ambulance — gives children the opportunity to role-play as members of the ambulance crew and helps them learn about injury prevention and first aid.

A pretend home setting features an updated Practice 9-1-1 activity where kids can learn how to identify an emergency and call for assistance. The new Drop in the Bucket game emphasizes water safety at home, at a swimming pool or at a beach, and the Safety Mini Golf Course highlights traffic safety for passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

A health and safety-themed foosball game, stop-and-go light stations, and a protective-gear bicycle activity round out the fun — all introducing important messages about ways to stay safe and prevent injuries. Game challenges, physical activities and digital messages throughout the area highlight the importance of staying healthy, and they encourage families to make good decisions when it comes to nutrition, activity and rest, personal care and safety.

Children’s Wisconsin and Kohl’s Cares are thrilled to be able to bring this kind of fun, interactive and educational programming to the community, and we’re excited to hear what you think!

Be sure to check out all of the new activities during your next visit.