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Rashes and coughs concern parents the most

Every child has occasional health issues that concern parents. Ever wonder if the issues that concern you are unique?

Thanks to the Children’s On Call mobile app launched earlier this year, we now have a glimpse into what’s concerning parents. If you aren’t familiar with the app, it provides guidance on the appropriate level of medical care for common health problems, as well as at-home treatment advice.

What our mobile app is telling us

Based on the use of the app, the number one concern of parents is some kind of a rash on their children. For some the rash is localized, for others it’s widespread.

The second most common concern is coughs, followed closely by fevers. For some kids, those can be symptoms of the same bug. Abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhea are also of concern for parents. Sound familiar?

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The app also provides parenting advice, so don’t feel alone if you’ve always wondered about the impact candy can have on your children, or have trouble with toilet training. Those are the top two topics accessed in the parenting advice section. Parents also want to learn more about how to handle it when their child shouts “I hate you.” Other popular topics are kids who get up too early in the morning, possible signs of ADHD or finicky eaters.

Dose calculations for common medications

One awesome feature of the app is the ability to get dose calculations for common medications. When your child gets a fever in the night and you need the dose of common fever reducers (like acetaminophen or ibuprofen), you can look these up quickly based on your child’s weight and age. As a pediatrician, I think this is very helpful for parents and another reason I recommend the app.

What concerns you the most? How are you using the app? Let us know, or download the app to learn more about what to do about your concerns.