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Watch 4-year-old Antonio go home with a new heart

Every patient who comes through the door at Children’s Wisconsin is precious. Some we see for just a single appointment, while others stay with us all day, every day for months, until they become like family.

Antonio Dawson was with us at the Herma Heart Institute for 233 days, more than seven months, while he waited for a heart transplant. That’s a long time for anyone, but just imagine how that must seem to a 4-year-old! It was an emotional day for all of us when Antonio finally got to go home, with everyone from doctors, nurses, fellow patient families, administration staff, parking valets – you name it – wanting to make sure they got a chance to say farewell.

We’re proud to share this video of Antonio’s triumphant day leaving Children’s Wisconsin with his new heart. As much as we loved spending time with him and getting to know him, sending patients home is always our goal.