Cheryl L Brosig Soto, PhD

Children’s Wisconsin since 1997
  • Professor and chief, pediatric psychology and developmental medicine, Children's Wisconsin
  • Associate professor, Medical College of Wisconsin




I am a licensed clinical psychologist, with specialty training in pediatric psychology. I have extensive experience working with children affected by chronic illness. My particular interest is in working with children, adolescents and young adults with congenital heart disease. I use a family-centered approach, and address the psychosocial needs of patients, parents, and siblings. I recognize that a chronic health condition impacts the entire family. I collaborate with families, schools, pediatricians and other members of the health care team to held advocate for what my patients need.

My research investigates the neurodevelopmental and psychosocial outcomes of patients with congenital heart disease. The aim of my research is to understand risk factors for developmental and psychosocial problems, with the goal of helping patients to achieve their optimal potential and best quality of life.

Areas of Interest

  • Psychology
  • Developmental follow up
  • Psychological disorders related to heart disease
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Education and Awards


  • 1996, Loyola University of Chicago (IL), PhD


  • 2019 - Excellence in Professionalism Award, Children’s Specialty Group/Children’s Wisconsin
  • 2016 - Awarded Fellow Status of Division 54 (Pediatric Psychology), American Psychological Association
  • 2016 - Expert Clinician Award, Medical College of Wisconsin, Department of Pediatrics
  • 2016 - Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • 2012 Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, American Psychological Association
  • 2002 Clinical Physician Program Development Award, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin

Research and publications


  • Optimizing Educational Outcomes for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease: School Intervention as a Component of Comprehensive Follow-up Care
  • Enhancing Healthcare Management of Pediatric Heart Disease by Connecting School Health Plans to Medical Care Teams
  • School Intervention Tools to Prepare Preschool Children with Heart Disease for Academic Success
  • Project LEAP: Leveraging Early Achievement in Preschoolers with Heart Disease during COVID-19
  • School Screening and Health Plan Improvement Project