Bridget K Ellsworth, MD

Children’s Wisconsin since 2023
  • Pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Children's Wisconsin
  • Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin




My philosophy is to understand each patient and family's unique situation and perspective so that I can help improve their quality of life in ways that are important to them. I strive to utilize a conservative/ non-operative approach when possible, but do offer surgical options when it is in the best interest of the patient and family.

Areas of Interest

  • Fractures
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis
  • Legg Calve Perthes Disease
  • Bowlegs
  • Knock knees
  • Intoeing and outtoeing
  • Clubfoot
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Flat feet
  • Toe Walking
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Education and Awards


  • 2017, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, MD


  • 2022, Hospital for Special Surgery - Orthopedic Surgery


  • 2023, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Pediatric Orthopaedics.


  • Thomas L. Wickiewicz MD Resident Research Grant winner, 2021
  • American Orthopaedic Association’s Emerging Leaders Program Inductee, 2021
  • Peter H. Hutchinson, MD and Rebecca N. Hutchinson Prize, 2017
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society Inductee, 2017

Research and publications