Why we measure it - Research shows that for complex medical and surgical procedures, patients are safer if the procedure takes place in a hospital where doctors perform these procedures a lot.

What this means - The chart shows that the number of surgeries performed at our Milwaukee hospital and outpatient surgery facility have been steady.

About the data - This is the number of surgeries completed at our Milwaukee hospital and our outpatient surgery facility.

How we provide the best care

  • We care for patients in different places based on their health and choice. Healthier patients often are seen in our outpatient surgery facility, where the focus is on comfort and convenience. Sicker patients usually are seen at our Milwaukee hospital, where more complex care can be provided safely.
  • Our anesthesiologists are board certified and have completed at least one extra year of pediatric anesthesiology training or experience. Many have training in pediatric critical care, medical care, and pain management.
  • We added inpatient beds with our hospital expansion. We also increased our recovery, consultation, and waiting rooms at our outpatient surgery facility.

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