Application process overview

  • Search for jobs that interest you.
  • If you are searching and applying for jobs beginning March 19, 2023 and later, you will need to create a new account to apply, due to a system upgrade.
  • Complete the application. Note: A separate application must be submitted for each job opening.
  • Monitor your email regularly for updates, including checking your spam/junk folder.

Frequently asked questions


Will I hear from someone after I applied?

For most positions, a system generated email confirming your application was submitted will be emailed to you. Check your spam/junk folders. Due to a high volume of applications, we are unable to provide individual application status updates online or over the phone. Thank you in advance for your patience and please know the recruiter(s) and hiring leader(s) are reviewing applications. Once a status update is available, you will receive an email advising you whether or not you were selected to be moved forward in the process.

When will I find out how much the job pays?

Our pay structure follows market pricing and is reflective of labor market conditions. This ensures we can offer competitive levels of pay to attract and retain talented employees. Pay rates for positions can be discussed during the interview process. We are unable to provide pay rates before the interview process because more detailed evaluation of related experiences, education and competencies is required before a comprehensive compensation analysis can be completed.

What if I get an application error code?

Our website is most compatible with Google Chrome. Due to a recent upgrade, it is recommended that applicants clear their cache.

What if I am having a problem completing my application?

If you are having difficulty completing the application, please call the HR Service Center (414) 266-6600.

How do I know if a job is still open?

Our website is updated daily. If a position is still posted, we are still accepting applications for it. 

How long will it take to complete the online application?

On average it should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the initial application. Gather your employment history, dates of employment, etc. before you begin the process. If you have already created a profile, it should take less than 10 minutes to apply for additional future job openings.

What is the best way to search for a specific job opening at Children’s Wisconsin?

You can use the keyword search function and/or filters. You may want to try multiple searches as we may list certain positions differently than other organizations. Here are some examples: 

  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Patient Care Workers (PCW) positions are listed as care partners.
  • Patient sitters are listed as patient safety companions.
  • Phlebotomists are listed as medical lab assistants.

Does Children's require any vaccinations?

As a condition of employment, Children’s Wisconsin requires the annual influenza vaccination. Exemptions may be granted for medical reasons or religious beliefs.


Applying for a job at Children’s Wisconsin

What information do I need to apply to a position with Children’s Wisconsin?

  • Valid e-mail address, such as Yahoo!, Gmail or Outlook, etc.
  • Work history, education and license or certification numbers (if applicable).
  • An electronic version of your resume (Microsoft Word or PDF preferred).
  • Electronic cover letter is optional.
  • Note: We do not ask for references at the time of application. If you are considered for a position, the recruiter will ask for references. 

How can I improve my application and resume?

Consider having a friend or family member review it and give feedback. Check for misspellings, provide up-to-date and accurate employment history, including dates of employment, education, and provide licensure/certification details.

We also recommend visiting your local public resources through workforce development centers for help.


I do not have access to a computer to complete the online application. How can I apply for a job I am interested in?

If you do not have a computer at home, we encourage you to access the Internet at a public library or at your local public workforce development agency.

What if I forgot my username or password?

There are links to request a password reset. Use the email address that you originally registered with. Please do not create a new, separate application account.

Do I need to apply separately for each position I am interested in?

Yes. You will need to apply online for each opening you are interested in. (For example, applying for one administrative assistant opening does not mean you have applied for every open administrative assistant position). Our recruiters work on multiple positions. We want to be sure you are considered for any position you are interested in and qualified for.  

If you are not selected for the first, second or even third opening you apply for, do not be discouraged. 

  • Be sure your application and resume are up-to-date and clearly show your qualifications.   
  • Be sure you are careful in accurately answering any online screening questions about requirements.
  • Apply for openings for which you meet the requirements. If a position indicates a particular level of education, experience, licensure, etc. is required, understand that we adhere to those requirements. Only apply for positions where you meet the requirements. 
  • If a posting indicates certain items that are preferred vs. required, then an application would still be considered if it does not have the specific education level, certification, skill or experience.  
  • Some positions may require a typing test or data entry test or other assessment, including Language assessment for positions that have bilingual requirements.  
  • Many postings will indicate details about the schedule (1st, 2nd or 3rd shift) and specific schedule requirements like certain days of week, weekends, holidays, etc. Only apply for positions where you would be available to work the required schedule.

Can I fax or email my résumé directly to Human Resources?

No. Do not email or fax your resume unless a recruiter has requested additional information from you after initial application. If you are interested in applying for an open position, submit your materials through our online application process.


After submitting your application

How do I know that Human Resources has received my complete application?

In most cases, you will receive an email acknowledging that your application was received. Please check your spam/junk folder. To check if your application is still in process, visit our Careers page and log into your account and click to view your Candidate Home account. You will see the status of your application noted.

If I have applied for a job opening, how long will it be before I hear about the status of my application?

Generally, we will contact you in approximately two to three weeks if you are among the most qualified candidates and are selected for an interview. Once a recruiter has reviewed your application, you will be notified by email whether or not we would like to move forward. Please be sure that the email that you submitted on your application is current and correct, and also be sure to check your email spam/junk folder.

How do I update my application account information?

1. Enter the email address and password that you used when you first created your account for the Children’s Wisconsin Careers site.

  • If you forgot the password, use the “Forgot Your Password” link to have the information sent to the email address used when registering.

2.Select “Sign In”

  • Note: Once logged in, your email address will display in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Click on “Candidate Home” in the top right side of the screen.

  • Once on the “Candidate Home” page, scroll down to the bottom until you see “My Account”, and you can choose to update your contact information or edit your account settings.

I have applied for a job but have not heard anything. What now?

Questions to ask yourself if you have not heard from us:

  • Is my application complete?
  • Is my contact information on my application accurate?
  • Have I checked my spam/junk folder?
  • Did I upload a resume? (Microsoft Word or PDF preferred.)
  • Did I apply online through
  • Do my qualifications closely align with the qualifications specified for the job?

Please be patient. Our applicant review and selection process can take time. 

How are candidates invited to an interview?

  • Very often the initial interview may be scheduled to occur via telephone and/or be an email request for you to complete a recorded video interview in a system called HarQen.
  • You may receive an email with the phone and/or video interview request details from 
  • You may also be invited to self-schedule an interview with a recruiter using a self-scheduling link.


Types of positions at Children's Wisconsin

Do you have internship opportunities?

Yes. You can find all paid internship opportunities on our Children’s website. Our internships are offered at different times in the year. Please check back if you don’t see an internship opportunity you are currently interested in. 

Find student placement information.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

You can find out about volunteer opportunities at Children’s by visiting our volunteer opportunities webpage or by calling (414) 266-2180.

Do you have job shadow opportunities?

Visit our job shadow page to learn more or contact our Educational Services department at (414) 266-2200 for information on job shadowing.

How will I know if a position is full-time or part-time?

  • Standard full-time is 1.0 FTE with 40 hours/week and 0.9 FTE working three 12 hour shifts/week.  
  • Part-Time roles are typically 0.5 FTE with 20 hours/week but less than 1.0 FTE or 0.9 FTE (three 12 hour shifts).

What is a casual “as needed” position?

Casual roles have an FTE of 0.0. An employee in a casual position works on an as-needed basis. They may cover staffing vacancies due to leaves of absence, illnesses, holidays and any other condition that requires additional staffing. Casual positions may not have a set schedule or guaranteed hours. They are not eligible for benefits.

What is a “PRN” position?

This is sometimes also called a “pool” position and is as needed, but has specific minimum shift/schedule requirements. PRN roles are not eligible for benefits.

How will I know if a position is benefits-eligible?

If a position is listed as a .5 FTE (20 hours/week) or greater, it is benefits-eligible.


Interview tips

Tips on how to prepare before your interview

  • Turn off your cell phone. You don’t want to be distracted by a call or text.
  • Practice some interview questions with a friend. They’ll let you know if you’re giving long-winded answers, or not giving enough information. Their feedback can help you get it right when it matters most.

Tips for making a great first impression during your interview:

  • Be sure to smile and make eye contact. You want it to be evident that you are happy and enthusiastic about the interview. We would expect that you greet our patients, families, clients and members in this way too. 
  • If you are participating in a video interview, be sure to follow a similar process to an in person interview.
  • Remember to keep things positive. The interviewer is evaluating you as a potential co-worker.
  • Maintain good eye contact during the interview. Avoiding eye contact may lead your interviewer to think you are not interested in the job.
  • Avoid using “umm,” “like” and “you know” when answering interview questions. Pause for a few seconds and gather your thoughts before you respond.

Interview logistical tips

  • Interviews will take place either in person or by a video platform such as Zoom. For in-person interviews, always show up 10 to 15 minutes before your interview. This will give you time to get settled, and help you set a positive tone. If you are interviewing by phone or video, be sure that you are able to get connected so that you are on time to the interview.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your interview, please be sure to contact Human Resources as soon as possible.