We invest in our people

Children’s Wisconsin is committed to providing our staff with tools and resources to support our employees plan, navigate, and achieve their career path goals. Part of this commitment involves developing a trained workforce to meet both current and future healthcare needs. Guided by our value of innovation, we are committed to continuous learning. 

If you join our team, we will encourage and help you grow professionally. Children's Wisconsin has been designated as a top workplace by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and we believe that providing career opportunities and professional development is important for investing in our employees. 

Advancing your career

  • Here are some of the many ways that Children’s Wisconsin can help you thrive in your career:
  • Career Development Toolkit — We offer online resources to our employees that include resume and interviewing tips, career planning guides, and self-improvement tools to improve your soft skills, interpersonal skills, and transferable skills.
  • Workforce Development Department — Children’s Wisconsin has a dedicated team for supporting our organizations’ current and future workforce. This team helps our organization to stay at the forefront of professional development through innovation and providing valuable resources for our staff.
  • Work life balance —To help you be at your best, we support a healthy work-life balance. Our benefits include employee care programs, child care resources, and paid time off.
  • Training Programs — Children’s Wisconsin offers training programs for our staff that allow staff to gain new skills and progress in their career to a new role. We currently offer a training program for high demand positions. Our plan is to continue to create and offer new training programs to help meet the needs for our current and future workforce.
  • Registered Apprenticeships — Apprentices learn both in a traditional classroom setting as well as on-the job training. Apprentices are able to earn an income while they are learning a new job and skills. Children’s currently offers apprentices in data analytics, clinical documentation, and hospital coding. 
  • Education Assistance Program — Learn and grow throughout your career. When you’re ready to further your formal education, we’re ready to help. Many of our employees qualify for education assistance to help with expenses. 
  • Scholarships — Children's offers scholarships to support our workforce development commitments to prepare people for employment. We currently offer two scholarship programs for two career paths that are in high demand. If you are interested in a career in nursing we have a President Nurse Scholarship. We also offer a scholarship for individuals interested in a career as a Medical Lab Scientist. 
  • Skillsoft Online development resources — The online library is available to all employees. Skillsoft provides 40 professional development tracks. Each track contains a wealth of expert content and an assortment of resources, including: brief videos, book summaries, case studies, self-assessments and planning tools.  
  • Children’s University — is Children’s Wisconsin’s catalog of online courses. We cover clinical and non-clinical topics. On-demand training and information lets you learn when it is convenient for you. Some courses carry continuing education credits.
  • Foundations of Leadership — this training program is designed for Children's Wisconsin leaders. The 14-month, sequenced program provides leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to engage their teams and achieve greater results. 
  • REACH nursing program — REACH (Recognizing Excellence, Expertise and Achievements at Children's Wisconsin) is the professional advancement program for nurses. REACH recognizes professional development, expertise and outcomes for individual practice, the unit/department and organization/community. We encourage continuing education, professional certifications, and participation in nursing-research opportunities. Children’s Wisconsin has a shared-governance structure that allows nurses to participate in decision-making. 
  • Preceptor Development — precepting promotes professional and personal growth. Sharing your knowledge, experiences and expertise will provide the student with an outstanding experience that will guide the student towards a successful nursing career.
  • Professional Development Days —The purpose of Professional Development Days is to support RN professional growth, confidence, and competency during the first year of transition into Children’s Hospital. 
  • Children’s sponsored conferences — We sponsor various conferences for nursing, social work, and developmental days for clinicians.