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To treat the full range of asthma, allergy, and immune disorders, Children's offers comprehensive tests, treatments, and services to you and your entire family.

Asthma Plus Program

About our Asthma Plus Program

At Children's, we offer specialized care for children with severe, difficult-to-control asthma through our Asthma Plus Program. Doctors from many specialties help you and your child identify short and long term health goals and develop an asthma action plan. We also help you understand when to contact a doctor, the importance of nutrition and exercise, an annual flu vaccine, and regular follow-up visits.

Clinical nutrition services

About clinical nutrition services at Children's

If your child has food allergies, he or she may be referred to one of our compassionate, skilled dietitians. This helps us ensure your child's food allergy doesn't cause any nutrition problems that will affect his or her growth and development. Our dietitians provide nutrition counseling and assessment, and help educate children and families about how to live full lives even with food allergies.


Coordinated care

About coordinated care at Children's

Our specialists work with your family's primary doctor to coordinate care, manage any complex needs and ensure the best long-term treatment results.


About education at Children's

Helping you and your family understand all about your allergies, asthma or immune deficiencies is one of our key goals. Our specialists work closely with you to identify and understand what triggers allergic reactions. Then we determine the best medicine and make sure you understand how to use it correctly.

Environment review

About environment review at Children's

One of the ways we provide truly comprehensive care to our patients is by performing a review of your home environment. It helps us identify triggers within the home – which means we can work with you to modify the problems. A healthier home environment means a healthier family.

Food or medication challenge tests

About food or medication challenge tests at Children's

It's crucial that we identify you or your child's specific allergy. We perform a number of special tests, which may include allergy testing by skin or blood. If appropriate low exposure to the food or medicine may be done to see if you can tolerate it again. Based on yours or your child's reaction, we'll be able to best determine the course of treatment, which may include medicinal trials.


About immunotherapy at Children's

Immunotherapy refers to allergy shots. We inject increasing doses of the substance you're allergic to so that your body can build up a tolerance. We generally recommend it for patients with allergic asthma, "hay fever", allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and stinging insect allergies.

Medical management

About medical management at Children's

The focus of our treatment plans is to identify allergens to avoid them if possible, and prevent symptoms so that we can help improve the quality of life for you and your family. In many cases, we may also prescribe medication to control your or your child's symptoms. In addition, our specialists work with your family to develop a written plan for managing your asthma.

Methacholine laryngoscopy

About methacholine laryngoscopy at Children's

Also called the methacholine challenge test, or histamine challenge test, the methacholine laryngoscopy is a test our specialists use to help diagnose asthma or other respiratory conditions. The test essentially involves inhaling a substance that causes narrowing of the bronchial passages – the airways. This allows us to get a better sense of just how much the airways are narrowing during asthma attacks – and how much medicine you'll need to treat it.

Primary Immunodeficiency Program

About our Primary Immunodeficiency Program

Our specialized team diagnoses and treats complex primary immune deficiencies (non-AIDS) in children and adults. We offer a full range of treatment options and conduct research to improve care for you and your family.

Sinus clinic

About our sinus clinic

If your child has frequent sinus problems, we may refer you to the sinus clinic specialists, our friends over at the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Clinic.

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